21 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

You may feel like your efforts to live a more planet friendly and sustainable life are a mere drop in the ocean when you see the gravity of our environmental issues, however, the ocean is made of many drops!  

Everything we do as individuals has an impact far greater reaching than we can imagine as we diligently compost, recycle, hand over our keep cups and drop non-toxic cleaning products into our reusable bags at the supermarket.  If you don't do it, then who will? 
There are two effects at play here when you make conscious choices to live a greener life:
Number 1. You are actually physically lessening your contribution to landfill, emissions and toxic waterways with every little green effort you make.  You are one of the many drops required to affect change and without your efforts, we are a drop down.
Number 2. You have to be the change you want to see in the world and your efforts are not going unnoticed.  Just by doing what you are doing you are likely inspiring and awakening many others to at least think about their own ways and, quite possibly acting as a catalyst to improve their own efforts.
And to use the phrase coined by Robert Swan OBE, "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."  There is no white knight here, it is up to us to make every effort, small or large to clean up our environment and live a more sustainable and conscious existence.
  1. Compost!  Live in an apartment ? Don't have a garden?  Everybody can compost!  Here's how
  2. Use eco friendly cleaning products - they go into our waterways and into your environment!
  3. Use non-toxic shampoos / conditioners / soaps - they go into our waterways and on your body!
  4. Use chemical free sunscreen - definitely better for you but also for our oceans!
  5. Use a safety razor (men & women!) and ditch the disposable blades and plastic throw-aways!
  6. Ditch tea bags and use loose leaf teas - (or at least use plastic free tea bags)
  7. Keep cups / stainless steel forever lunch boxes / drink bottle / shopping bags / straws & cutlery / smoothie cups
  8. Reuse, Revamp, Repurpose, Recycle but first of all, RETHINK
  9. Pick up litter (especially plastic) - it doesn't have to be yours
  10. Shop at bulk food stores with jars / fabric bags or at least reuse your paper bags
  11. Avoid products with palm oil and non-sustainable ingredients
  12. Buy local - reduce your carbon footprint
  13. Eat to the season and buy or grow organic / spray free (local where possible!)
  14. Plant trees
  15. Volunteer and / or form environmental action groups in your area (eg. riparian planting groups) and get stuck in! This creates awareness and gets it done. 
  16. Make your own foods and beverages from scratch where possible to minimise packaging (such as breadsnon-dairy milks for example) - it's easier than you think!
  17. Go solar
  18. Walk / ride / carpool / take public transport to minimise your car usage
  19. Donate or sell your unwanted clothes and textiles
  20. Buy sustainable and ethical fashion
  21. Reduce or eliminate your meat and dairy intake.

The list goes on!  How creative can you get with reducing your waste and your impact on our beautiful Mother Earth?  

Help us to inspire others and share your own tips and experiences in the comments below.

It's about changing the way we do things.  It is possible.

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