Air to Fuels Carbon Capture

Air to fuels
This blog post, features a company called Carbon Engineering Ltd, based in Squamish, British Columbia who a have developed technology that enables the production of synthetic transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel,or Jet-A using only atmospheric Co2 and Hydrogen split from water and powered by clean electricity.

  Carbon Engineering Ltd  have been in existence since 2009  quietly working away on extracting    Carbon dioxide (Co2) from the atmosphere.
   Atmospheric carbon is the absolute reason for global warming.

The process of sucking Co2 from the atmosphere "Direct Air Capture" (DAC)  is not new and was pioneered by Klaus Lackner in 2008, but it is only recently with work done by Carbon Engineering that this process has been proven to be scale able and a financially viable proposition.

But here is the really good news.

Not only have Carbon Engineering developed the process to be scale-able, but they have also developed a process where,  by adding Hydrogen from water, they can produce a synthetic fuel.

The synthetic fuel when burnt adds little to no fossil carbon emissions.  The fuel is compatible with any combustion or Jet engine in use today.
So DAC ( direct air capture of Co2 from the atmosphere) + Hydrogen from water (using clean electricity) = carbon neutral synthetic fuel.  


This could really be a game changer, for more than the obvious reason.

Carbon Engineering have attracted and partnered with some major players in the fossil fuel industry, Chevron Technology Ventures, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and BHP mining. ( coal)

This means that these big players can see the end game for the fossil fuel industry and are investing in the next thing.  If the next thing is Carbon Engineering and synthetic carbon neutral fuel, and it can move quickly to produce global scale quantities of clean fuels ,  then they will cease exacting fossil fuels as an energy source for the transport sector.

If this can happen, our future on the third rock from the sun, will be a whole lot better.

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