Ditch the Tetra Pak with this Nut Milk HACK!

Calling all Nut Milkers!  

If you are one of the probably now millions of alternative ‘Milk’ consumers worldwide, you may have found yourself looking for a cheaper, healthier and environmentally friendlier way to procure your preferred variety, without compromising on taste, quality and convenience.  Read on for the recipe...

Most alternative milks come in Tetra Pak packaging, which although is claimed to be recyclable, harbours a lot of doubt as to whether it is getting recycled, how earth friendly the process is and how much of it is actually going through the process. There is no suitable recycling process in for Tetra Pak in New Zealand, therefore it has to be sent overseas.

Store bought varieties also often contain a host of questionable ingredients and additives for flavour and thickening. Even ‘natural’ thickeners such as carrageenan (extracted from red seaweed and widely used in the food industry for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties) has been called into question, as scientific research and studies have shown it to potentially cause damage and irritation to the gut, leading to IBS, ulcers and even cancer.  

Just because it’s ‘natural’, doesn’t mean it’s always suitable for human consumption…

This 5 minute (including clean-up) recipe is a package-free, super quick, healthy and pure alternative to the expensive Tetra Pak’d ‘mliks’ on the market. Fuss and Mess-Free

You can even whip it up in the time it takes your coffee to brew. We like that!

Click here to download this super delicious Nut Milk Recipe

    Enjoy it added to your fav coffee or coffee alternative, as a smoothie base, on cereal or straight up in a cup as soothing bedtime beverage, warm or cold.

    Note:  it is not intended as a ‘Barrister Milk’ or for heating to a high temperature / boiling

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