Enviroplaz - Plazrok " Plastic Concrete"



It is promising that New Zealand company Enviroplaz has developed a method of turning all grades of waste plastic into a component they call PLAZROK.  Which in essence is to be used as a gravel substitute in the production of concrete.

Company founder Peter Burrows states that they should be in production in 2019

The company has indicated that the process that takes plastic waste and turns it into Plazrok, is a mechanical process involving heat and not chemical.

This appears to be a very exciting development. The process makes use of all grades of plastic from the waste stream,  unsorted, turning it into a product of value, that is useful and is inert to the environment.

Possibly a solution, for the plastic waste disaster the world currently faces.

However humanity needs to seriously reduce its reliance on plastic in all forms.

The move to reduce the use of plastics is being strongly offset by large industry - those that produce the raw materials and chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic.

An example of this is the 185 billion dollars that have been invested by the petrochemical industry to build 325 new refineries for making plastic. ( source American Chemistry Council)

Their goal ??  35% more plastic in commerce by 2025.  

Is this because the petrochemical industries see their traditional markets of transport (petrol and diesel),  power generation ( oil ) being eroded by the Transport EV revolution. The increasing use of Solar and Wind - and other renewable energy sources in power generation.

If they are looking to plastic product as their savior then we as the consumer can do something about that.  Industry will not manufacture a product for a reducing market.

So it's up to us --  Reduce - Reuse Recycle has never had a more important message.

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