My New Roots Life Changing Bread Recipe

One of the great ways to avoid plastic and unnecessary waste is to make your own meals and staples from scratch. 

So as per our previous post on how to make easy DIY Almond Milk, this weeks blog brings you another useful resource to assist you on your waste-free and healthful journey - The Life Changing Bread Recipe, slightly adapted from nutritionist and recipe developer Sarah Britton’s My New Roots Recipe.

I have been making this nut and seed bread for a few years now and it’s quite simply the most delicious and nutritious loaf I have ever tasted.  I have made this for many a friend, family member and colleague and received a 100% 10 out of 10 feedback rating. Many have been converted...

There is no mess, no kneading, no failing to rise and almost no way to mess it up - so give it a try!

It really only involves a trip to the bulk bin whole foods store with your jars and baggies, throwing all the dry ingredients in one bowl and mixing together, doing the same with the wet ingredients and then stirring together.  How hard can it be?

Although we are coming at you from the eco-angle here, the health benefits are numerous; fibre, vitamins & minerals, healthy fats, completely unprocessed, can be made gluten free (using GF oats) and has no nasty additives or preservatives.

Enjoy it the Mediterranean way (my personal fav) lightly toasted with a little olive oil topped with avocado, tomato & seeds. Try adding poached eggs & pesto for a complete meal. It also goes deliciously well with nut butters, jams, honey, hummus and just about any other condiment you can think off.  

Download the recipe here and leave a comment about your experience and how you like to enjoy it best !

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