N Z Pure Blue - bottled water.

This bit of new first came to light in June 2017 when the New Zealand Herald ran a article stating that the water bottling company Pure NZ had applied to the Waikato Regional Council for consent to extract up to 6.9 million litres a day from the Waihou River which is feed by Putaruru's Blue Spring.  It appears that the councils decision will be based on sustainability only, not around what the company should pay for the water, which on the face of it looks like free.  Or what it might be used for. 

So there is a lot of debate around why should a private company get to take New Zealand's natural resource sell it for a profit and pay nothing for it.  Which is a very valid question.  

The issue we have not seen debated, is the thousands of plastic bottles that NZ pure is presently and will be using to package the water they are profiting from.  Do we want a New Zealand company adding to the 1 million plastic water bottles that are being purchased every minute on our planet.  97 % of which are not being recycled. 

The price of a Pure New Zealand Spring water is $1 for a 1.5 litres, if they are going to sell our water at least have the decency to ask a premium price. 

Maybe they should look at the business model of " Antipodes"!   Packaged in glass - 1 ltr $6.10 . This  would enable NZ Pure to  cut there water uptake by 600% make the same profit and stop polluting our planet with plastic.

Another question might be - if the bottling companies had to pay for the resource and pay for the plastic bottle to be recycled would there be a profitable business there at all.  

An organisation called Sumofus have launched a petition against this proposal by NZ Pure which has  at time of writing 79,121 signatures , we have added the link to this petition below if you want to add your voice to this 


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