No Recycling could be the Best Recycling

No Recycling could be the Best Recycling

Reduce , Reuse , Recycle   its the classic message that we have had placed in front of us for at least the last 10 yrs, Unfortunately the Recycle portion of the message gets served up to us a lot more than the equally important or maybe more important, other two.  Reduce being the portion we are going to digest today.

As it was said to me the other day - there is a lot more  to saving our planet, than tossing the soft drink can in the right bin

Its all about Consumerism

There is a big step in the waste management process that happens long before you consider how to dispose of your plastic water bottle and that is - should you have bought it in the first place ?.  It is this first step that is critical in determining how much plastic will enter our consumer market in the future.  The message we can send by reducing our purchase of plastic, is the strongest message we can deliver  It will initiate change!!.

So we think another " R " should be added to the 3 "R"s.  Re-think - Reduce - Re Use - Recycle

Post Consumer recyclable Materials

What about products made with "post-consumer" recycled materials.  Its hard to knock this strategy and many producers are turning to the use of recycled plastic as a way to lessen the impact on our environment, and to have plastic bottles recycled into a picnic table is by far better than going into the ocean or landfill where they will take up to 450 yrs to break down, the question remains did the bottle need to be produced and purchased in the first place. 

Did you know

When you buy a bottle of water made of plastic, 90% of the cost of this bottle comes from making the plastic bottle itself. How so? Well, to produce each plastic bottle takes the equivalent of filling 1/4 of the bottle with oil. Consider this, the US consumes 29 billion bottles  every year , that takes 17 million barrels of crude oil. Per year!  That's enough oil to fuel 1,000,000 cars for a year.  For something that is used briefly and just once.

Oh!!  It is estimated that we ' that's us " purchase globally,  1 million plastic bottles per minute, and that 91% are not Recycled . 

So make the change to " Re-think" 




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