Seaweed Straws ??? A solution to another single use plastic

US based company Loliware - appears to have come up with a game changer, a real solution to the 360 billion plastic straws used globally every year , that are used once, then discarded into our environment to start their never ending journey of carnage.

Seaweed Straws - we list their credits:

  • Biodegradable - Hyper-compostable akin to a banana skin
  • Neutral flavour - No off putting taste
  • Durability - takes about 18 hrs immersed in liquid to start to lose its function
  • Sustainable - Seaweed grows incredibly fast - can grow to a full size plant in 4-6 weeks, added to this seaweed quickly captures CO2, and releases O2.
  • Scale-able - Loliware states that a pilot plant will soon be producing 2 million units per week.  By the end of 2020, it will have the capacity to produce 30 billion straws, including variations designed for juice boxes, cocktail stirrers, and frozen desserts. 


The unknowns of this story are:

  • Can enough seaweed be grown to support the production
  • If large scale seaweed farms are introduced will this be detrimental to the marine ecosystem - or enhance it.
  • How eco friendly is the manufacturing process.

We are going to seek some answers to these questions and report back .

We hope the report is good !

Credits to Journalist Adele Peters and Loliware.

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