The Solar Solution

We burn coal for power !!!

Did you know that Genesis Energy had a coal stockpile of 312,000 tons purchased from the west coast and has imported a further 120,000 tons from Indonesia? So it will burn in excess of 430,000 tons at Huntly to keep the lights on in our homes,  BUT DON'T BLAME Genesis .  They are just doing there best to supply us with the power we consume.  So why is this ?!  - 1. Low hydro - 2. Shortage of natural gas and  3. Geothermal at capacity.

So where is the Good News ?  Well this week's good news is a personal account of what we have done and every home owner in the country can do.  

Get into Solar -- it's free -- Well not really, but what is currently being offered is just amazing value and it should be being considered by everyone.

Up until Nov- Dec 2018 we were Genesis customers. Our power account 29 days Sept /Oct was $246.02. paying 20.88 cents per unit (we also run a separate office and workshop from this supply). 

We signed up with a company called Solar City (there are other companies with similar offerings but this is who we are with)  Inside 3 weeks Solar city had arranged contractors to do a complete installation. Panels, inverter, battery and meter change. With no upfront cost.  How you ask ?.

Well we have signed a 20 year contract with them. They own the whole set up. They Maintain it and provide a new battery at the 10 year mark.

We are grid linked, the energy supplier is Ecotricity supplying only renewable energy.  

When required, we buy from Ecotricity at 14 cents a unit and we sell generated solar power back to them at 7 cents a unit.  

So whats the bottom line cost wise? Our power account for 31 days 01 Jan to 31 Jan was $189.54 that's a savings of $56.48 .

We generated and exported 245 kwh, and we used 388 kwh  from the grid which cost us about $21 in actual power.  Of course there are all the normal extra line charges and levies etc. 

However in Summary - Benefits 

  1. Setup costs  - $0.00
  2. Savings        - $ 56.48 per month
  3. Generated    - 245 kwh
  4. Grid power    - renewable only
  5. We dont lose power in Power cuts
  6. As power companies increase the power prices the savings we are making will get more significant.


  1. Long term contract.  

This means that if we sell our home we either pay for solar city to relocate the system to our new address. Or we pass on the contract to the new owner.  If I was the new home owner and was being offed a cost saving on power then I would certainly take that up. So I am labeling this as a disadvantage, maybe not worth losing sleep over. 

If every household took this step we would no longer rely on Fossil Fuels to power our homes.  We would not have to build more Hydro dams that upset delicate eco systems.   

Harnessing the sun is a no-brainer.

Come on New Zealanders - step up and save.

For more information about burning coal click here Genesis and their Coal 

Solar City 



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