Whats the alternative to my Plastic Razor

How many Plastic Razors are disposed of each year.

The answer to that question is 22 Billion razors.  About a 1/4 of the worlds 7.8 billion people use disposable razors.  That's 1.9 billion users, and assuming that each user discards a minimum of 12 razors per year - there is the 22 billion razors per year ending up somewhere in our environment.

What is the alternative to my Plastic Disposable Razor.

That's easy, there are a growing number of companies producing the older style safety razors. We have tested a few versions and found that Rockwell Razors have done an amazing job of combining old technology and modern engineering and design to produce a sleek, great looking razor, that gives a great shave.

What makes the new Rockwell Safety Razor so different.

Rockwell have developed a razor with up to 6 different setting inserts that change the shape and angle of the blade to allow for fine and course shaving.  On the fine setting, its is virtually impossible to cut yourself and is a perfect setting for the ladies shaving legs and underarms.  The higher settings are great for those with a course whisker.

Is the shave from a Rockwell Safety Razor as good.

Oh Yes - every bit as good. Also the blade does not clog up like the multi blade razors of the established large brands.

Can it be used by my wife to shave her legs.

On the lightest setting the razors are perfect for feminine legs and underarms, but we suggests she buys one of her own.  

Are the Rockwell Razors expensive.

Not at all, In fact over a year, the Rockwell Razors will end up costing you less, as you are only replacing the blades, not the whole razor or razor head.  

What do i do with the blades when they come blunt.

Rockwell have produced a container they call a "Blade Bank".  Just put your blades in here and when its full. ( in about 2 yrs ) place the whole blade back in the recycling The steel will be melted down and made into a car or something.

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