Tauranga - Recycling information



Glass recycling

Tauranga City Council currently provides a rates-funded kerbside glass collection service. Residents can also take their glass to the Te Maunga or Maleme Street transfer stations for recycling. From there, glass bottles and jars are sent in their respective colours to O.I Glass in Auckland where they are melted
back down for making new bottles and jars. There is currently a 63% recycled content in new glass.

Glass can also be recycled at Waste Management’s glass recycling stations

Plastics recycling

Plastics (1 & 2) are either processed locally or exported to countries in Asia (mainly China). They are washed, chipped and palletised to make various products including building materials, children’s toys, and clothing (polar fleece).

 Paper and cardboard recycling

Paper and cardboard from Tauranga is currently exported into South East Asia (Philippines, Thailand) where it is turned into pulp and made into new paper-based products. Generally, paper can be recycled eleven times before the fibres become too short and virgin product needs to be added.

Recycling cans

Aluminium and steel cans are sent to Sims Metals in Auckland.
The tin is reformed into light gauge tin sheets for use in the manufacture of corrugated iron. Aluminium is sent to Australia to be smelted back into aluminium
ingots for all types of manufacturing – from drink cans to building materials.