Cleanz Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate

Just 2 Products - Dozens of Uses - Less Waste - Better For You - Better For Our Planet

CLEANZ truly is a revolutionary, safe cleaning formula for your entire household.

With just ONE 1L of CLEANZ Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, you prevent 16 plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans and overburdened recycling system.
  • Rid your home of toxic, irritant causing cleaning product residue and keep your loved ones, including pets, SAFE
  • Reduce your contribution to needless plastic bottle waste
  • Reduce the clutter in your cleaning cupboard
  • Reduce your elbow grease and let CLEANZ do the tough work for you

CLEANZ is so powerful it cuts through the grease on your kitchen cabinets, yet so gentle you can soothingly wash your hands, body and face with it.

The special and unique ingredient in CLEANZ is Chamomile.  Known for it's antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic properties, when used as as a main star ingredient in this plant based chemical-free formula, it not only has the ability to wash away grime, harmful germs and bacteria, but it does it so safely that it wont harm you or our environment.  

Chemical cleaners and fragrances are doing so much harm not only to our planet, but also to our people and our animals by leaving behind toxic residues on the surfaces that we have well intentionally cleaned.  These residues can quickly create irritation, allergies and perhaps most worryingly, toxify the air that we breathe inside our own homes.  

How does it work?

One fragrance-free Concentrate in different dilutions can clean almost anything safely, effectively and economically.   Here is an example of what ONE LITRE of CLEANZ Concentrate will make:

  • 4 x 500ml All-Purpose Spray
  • 4 x 500ml Glass Cleaner
  • 3 x 500ml Bathroom Cleaner
  • 4 x 300ml Foaming Cleanser
  • 1 x 1L Laundry Liquid (66 average load washes)

CLEANZ actually cleans by loosening and lifting grime, dirt and germs along with toxic residues so they can be washed away safely instead of being partially left on the surfaces you have just cleaned. 

Did you know that disinfectants are becoming less and less effective as bacteria is becoming more and more resistant to these formulas?

And there are so many more ways to use CLEANZ! Explore the extensive range of uses and dilutions in the Cleanz User Guide 

 Save $$$, Save Your and Your Family's Health & Save Our Planet