Urban Composter™ Twin Starter Kit
Urban Composter™ Twin Starter Kit
Urban Composter™ Twin Starter Kit
Urban Composter

Urban Composter™ Twin Starter Kit

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The Twin Starter kit has everything needed to effectively compost your food scraps and includes the following:

2 x Urban Composter™ Bucket including your choice of coloured lid
1 x Urban Composter™ Compost Accelerator composting 500ml spray 
1 x Compost Accelerator 500ml Refill

Having 2 Urban Composters will enable the full composter to sit and ferment for a week or 2 before mixing with soil.  This will achieve the quickest result in turning your kitchen scraps into compost.  Alternatively you may want 1 Urban Composter™ for yourself and 1 for a friend.

Bucket Capacity: 15 litres
Bucket Dimensions: 29cm diameter, 40cm at back, 35cm at front.

Compost Accelerator Contains:

Dynamic fermented fruit extract - EM-1 Effective Microbes (lactobacillus, yeast, probiotics and antioxidants).  Additional selected cultures for cellulose and fat consumption

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