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Early Morning Mangawhai - a good reason to make a difference

About Us

We are so lucky to be based in Mangawhai/Te Arai, Northland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are a small growing company that is focused on providing the latest accurate content in relation to both our personal, local and global environment - content in relation to the amazing organisations, business and individuals who are doing their bit to make Planet Earth a better place to live.

We are concerned with the issues facing our planet but equally concerned that a large portion of our community are poorly informed about the reality of what’s really going on.

It’s our aim to educate and expose our visitors to the latest information concerning our personal, local and global environment; to champion the amazing work that is being done both nationally and internationally to turn the tide on pollution; to champion companies and products that are taking on the challenge to produce alternatives that are both good for us and the environment. We give consumers the opportunity to obtain these products and in doing so, do their little bit to be a part of the change that is required to make things right.

The products that are presented on our site must fulfill two non-negotiable criteria - they must be good for the consumer - ” us “ - and non-harmful to the environment.

Thus we have carefully selected the products with those criteria at the forefront.

While we know that operating within the city would make things so much easier, we feel equally that the challenges of operating from rural New Zealand are worth it, as it's not only good for the soul but helps to create local employment thus boosting our local economy.

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Our Values

We value integrity in all that we do, including the products, services and companies we are involved with.

Care & Loyalty
We are passionate about building open, honest and caring relationships through communication both internally within our team and externally with our clients and affiliates.

Responsibility & Ownership
We believe in taking responsibility for everything we do and ownership of our achievements and failures. Achievements are to be celebrated and failures are viewed as the fastest way to learning and improvement. 

We trust in our team to strive to be better every day and produce at a high level.

We always aim to over deliver on our promises, through a positive attitude, innovation and efficiency. Delivering "wow" through service.

In order to be part of the solution for our clients and provide them with the right information and opportunities to improve their lives, we must understand, and to understand we must listen.

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"We don't consider ourselves eco warriors, more realists that understand that if we do our bit we can make a difference. We recycle what we can and are considerate in our buying practices around plastic and organics." Mel and Pete.