Eat to the NZ Season Guide

Let’s start with the benefits for YOU

❖ Fruit and vegetables are cheaper in season as they are in abundance

❖ They are fresher and hold more nutritional value as they are not stored or treated to increase their lifespan unnaturally

❖ They support your body’s nutritional needs for each of the seasons elemental climates

❖ A seasonal diet is diverse and provides your body with a whole host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

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And now for our planet … which also happens to benefit YOU

❖ Eating spray free or organic vegetables require the correct conditions and seasons to grow naturally without the aid of chemical treatment - No Chemicals = Happy Bees!

❖ Reduce your carbon footprint by not buying imported produce which causes numerous greenhouse gases to make it all the way to your door

❖ Support local businesses and farmers who choose to farm SUSTAINABLY Keep this guide handy so you can refer to each season and plan your meals accordingly!


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