Urban Composter™ City Twin Starter Kit
Urban Composter™ City Twin Starter Kit
Urban Composter

Urban Composter™ City Twin Starter Kit

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DELIVERY UPDATE:  Due to NZ Customs procedures, we have been advised by our supplier that our stock is currently being held at Port. We are awaiting an update for the release date which is estimated to by mid to end June 2020.  We are still able to take orders but shipment will be delayed until our stock has been released.

The Twin Starter kit has everything needed to effectively compost your food scraps and includes the following;

2 x City Composter™ Bucket including your choice of coloured lid
1 x Urban Composter™ Compost Accelerator composting spray 500ml
1 x Compost Accelerator Refill Spray 1000ml

Having 2 City Composters™ will enable the full composter to sit and ferment for a week or 2 before mixing with soil.  This will achieve the quickest result in turning your kitchen scraps into compost.  Alternatively you may want 1 City Composter™ for yourself and 1 for a friend.

City Composter Capacity: 8 litres
Bucket Dimensions:
 23cm diameter at top(base is smaller) and 27cm high

Compost Accelerator Contains:

Dynamic fermented fruit extract - EM-1 Effective Microbes (lactobacillus, yeast, probiotics and antioxidants).  Additional selected cultures for cellulose and fat consumption