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Matakana Skincare Travel Size Coconut & Lime Shampoo Bar

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Fantastic for all hair types and easy to travel with!

Our refreshing Coconut & Lime Shampoo/Conditioner bars are fantastic for all hair types. Super concentrated with natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp, leaving it healthy and balanced with a beautiful lustrous shine. 

These bars are a great eco-friendly choice for those wanting to do away with plastic packaging, and with proper care they will last much longer than liquid bottles of shampoo and conditioners. Also, If you are a frequent traveler you will love the convenience that a compact bar provides!

Directions: Wet bar and lather into wet hair. Massage gently into scalp and hair. Rinse well and follow with conditioner bar for best results.

For extra longevity air dry bar between uses.

*Soap/Lye-free formulation